“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps never have been seen.”


After finishing his studies at Filmuniversität Babelsberg, award winning cinematographer  Johannes „J-LO“ Louis jumped lense first into the world of german film. With director Erik Schmitt he created a unique visual style incorporating traditional in-camera effects. Their first collaboration NASHORN IM GALOPP alone won over 50 international awards  and their project BERLIN METANOIA being awarded with the GERMAN AWARD FOR CINEMATOGRAPHY.
Beyond Germany J-Lo´s forrays into the international filmscape have taken him around Europe, Argentina and New Zealand. Several of these projects premiered at the Berlin international Film Festival, with the Greek drama STO SPITI - AT HOME winning the „PREIS DER ÖKUMENISCHEN JURY“ in 2014.
On the quest for the best food on set and creative solutions to modern visual storytelling, Johannes looks forward to bringing untold stories to life with an innovative style, tailored to the director´s vision.



2022 *EMMY Best Shortform Series* /  RURANGI / International EMMY Awards
2022 * Encounters* / AXIOM / Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin

2017 *Best Cinematography*   /   BERLIN METANOIA   /    Deutscher Kamerapreis

2014 *Audience Award*   /  FOREVER   /   Corto Circuito, Santagio de Compostela
2014 *Gold Medal*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Manhattan Shorts
2014 *Best Foreign Short* + *Best of the Fest*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Nevada City Film Festival
2014 *Best Director*   /   STO SPITI - AT HOME   /   DEA Int´l Film Fest
2014 *Preis der ökumenischen Jury*   /   STO SPITI - AT HOME   /   Berlinale International Film Festival, Berlin
2014 *Preis der Jugendjury*   /   MÄNNER ZEIGEN FILME...   /   Max-Ophüls Festival
2014 *Preis für den gesellschaftlich relevanten Film*   /   MÄNNER ZEGEN FILME...   /   Max-Ophüls Festival
2014 *The Gold DJED Pillar*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Luxor Film Festival, Egypt

2013 *Silver Plaque*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Chicago international Festival
2013 *Grand Jury Prize*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   St. Cloud Film Festival, Minneapolis
2013 *Audience Award*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Cambridge Film Festival
2013 *Flaming Faun* Award   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Shnit! Festival
2013 *Best Feature*   /   LAMENTO   /   First Steps Award
2013 *Future Filmmaker Award*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Palm Springs Film Festival
2013 *Best Shortfilm*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   5 Seen Festival
2013 *Best Shortfilm*   /   NASHORN IM GALOPP   /   Shorts at Moonlight

2012 KODAK Student Cinematography Scholarship Award
2012 *1st Prize*   /   Dígame @ Festshort Berlin   /   International Short Film Festival

2011 *Best Shortfilm* for DIGAME   /  First Steps Award
2011 *Best Shortfilm* for DIGAME   /   Achtung Berlin! Festival

2009 Scholarship for Budapest Masterclass of Cinematography